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SIMIA (Software Industry Making Impact Abroad) was founded on November 4th, 2020 as an initiative of 11 Curaçao-based software companies. Read about us, our vision, and our mission to harness the collaborative efforts between the software companies on Curaçao.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


SIMIA: Curaçao Tech Export Association


Technology has always played a great role in the development of the Curaçao economy in the past. The local refinery was believed to be one of the most technologically advanced refineries of the world in 1918 when it started operating. Later in 1951, technology played a key role in enabling companies to collaborate remotely, making the Financial Offshore industry a fact. Later in 1966 technology companies started establishing themselves in Curaçao, with Texas Instruments being one of the bigger ones.

About us

With this history we believe that technology, in the form of the local software industry, can once again play a key role in the further development of the Curaçao economy. In this Digital era, SIMIA believes that Software industry can become Curaçao’s 4 economic pillar next to Tourism, Financial and Oil.


In this Digital era, the export of locally produced intellectual property is believed to be one of the most effective ways to grow an economy. Despite the many local software companies that are internationally active, the software industry hasn’t before been seen as a way to further develop our economy. Our mission is to promote the development of the software industry and the adoption of technology to grow our local economy.

About us

SIMIA aims to harness the collaborative efforts between the software companies to further advance the development of our local software industry, help new software companies to export and increasing our net export GDP.

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

Linus Torvaldsinital developer of Linux

Achievements 2020 - Start of 2023


On Nov 4, 2020, SIMIA was founded by 11 members and in 2021 the amount of members increased to 13.

Initial members survey

In Januari 2021, we conducted a small survey to get a first idea of the size of our branche.

Meetings and presentations

In 2021, we had a lot of meetings and presentations with all kinds of stakeholders: Government, interest groups, Chamber of Commerce, NES, CITI, VBC, SLS and many more. Most stakeholders indicate that they are glad that IT companies joined forces to create an interesting pillar under the economy of Curaçao.

Check out all presentations

• To Board Chamber of Commerce
• To Management Team of MEO
• To Rotary Club Willemstad members
• In Global Entrepreneurship Week – Webinar: The importance of ICT Entrepreneurship for our economy
• In Diaspora for business summit
• SkillsTown presentation for all SIMIA members
• To Rotary Club Curacao & Willemstad members by Andrew & Boudino
• Update on IT Sector Sizing & Research by Tamira LaCruz – for all SIMIA members
• To Board Stichting Logistiek Sector
• Fiscale Ontwikkelingen by Deloitte & BakerTilly for all SIMIA members
• To Coho Liaison– Robert de Ruijter
• To APC – Plaza Heritage Fund
• To EY – Jason Nisbeth – Immigration Laws
• To Joop Sistermans – Brainport Eindhoven
• To Parliament Member – Steven Croes

Market survey

In H2, 2021, Markstra Caribbean conducted a Market survey, with support of SLS. The Study was completed in January 2022 and available for the members. To download the study, click the download button.

New website

In January, 2022, we published our new website, built by our member DigiBastards. With the website, we show our achievements in IT-solution export and want to reach IT-companies that are interested to found an IT-export company in Curacao.


Boardmember - Clark Russel - SIMIA - Curaçao Tech Export Association

Clark Russel


Boardmember - Andrew Solomon - SIMIA - Curaçao Tech Export Association

Andrew Solomon

Vice President

Boardmember - Franco Diaz - SIMIA - Curaçao Tech Export Association

Franco Diaz


Boardmember - Fokko Scholma - SIMIA - Curaçao Tech Export Association

Fokko Scholma


Luis Pereira

Board Member

Vincent van Rutten

Board Member

Ries van Lomwel

Board Member