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Our members are always looking for special talent

Looking for exciting opportunities in Curaçao’s thriving tech sector? Explore the latest vacancies from our member companies, all leaders in innovation!  Find your perfect match and start your journey to a fulfilling tech career on our beautiful island.


Coming from Capgemini in Europe and a large IT company in the USA, the four partners in 2Share started the company in 2015. Our home base is Curacao and we deliver our solutions and services to the Caribbean region and South America.

Our main goal is, to help companies to improve productivity through digitalization: Digital productivity. The solid base for this improved productivity is Microsoft 365 and its most important applications: SharePoint for dossier management and process automation, Teams for digital collaboration and Power BI for business intelligence. On this platform, 2Share provides a set of solutions like Approval process support, Dossier management and light weight CRM, that enable companies and government to improve the productivity and achieve more with less.


Member - ACTS - SIMIA - Curaçao Tech Export Association

ACTS BV is a software development company that started in 2002. The company’s core business is the development, implementation, and support of customized software solutions using the latest technologies. The company has been developing software mainly for the justice sector. Yet, other sectors to which ACTS BV has been providing its services are finance, government, hospitality, utilities, and health care. At ACTS, the applications are being customized and developed based on the needs and want of the customer. Besides software development, ACTS BV also provides system administration services.


Axxon helps businesses in the Caribbean with solutions for their vehicles and assets to become more efficient, safe, and sustainable. Founded in 2014, we now work with over 400 businesses and organizations all across the Caribbean.
We help define the future of how businesses operate by selling an exciting list of product solutions, including vehicle telematics, connected dashcams, temperature sensors, apps, and driver workflows.


Member - B-smart - SIMIA - Curaçao Tech Export Association

Business automation is the strategy to automate processes in order to contain costs and efficiency. Our aim is to advise and support companies in all sizes to optimize their efforts by the implementation of online tools. With a thorough analysis of the different projects, products and services, we will implement a strategy to give our clients that competitive edge.


Blyce. specializes in the digitalization of governments and offers software that makes public services better, faster & smarter. We use our expertise and knowledge to transform Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and developing countries and partner with them to move forward.

Our strength lies in understanding the core business of government while enabling information technology to achieve fundamental advancements. We offer simple and seamless interactions by connecting processes and services across three domains: tax, social security, and permits & licensing.

Blue NAP Americas

Launched in December 2016 by Dataplanet N.V. in Curaçao, Blue NAP Americas is a carrier-neutral international data center and internet exchange point designed, built and operated according to the Uptime Institute® Tier-IV certification standards.

The company’s facilities also serve as an aggregation/distribution hub for network traffic and network-based services. A carrier neutral nucleus serves as the foundation upon which Fortune Global 2000 companies, governments, service providers and enterprise customers can deploy their mission critical infrastructure and systems.

HQ Rental Software

Member - HQ Rental Software - SIMIA - Curaçao Tech Export Association

HQ Rental Software is one of the most popular solutions in the rental industry with >400 clients in over 65 countries worldwide. It’s a complete software suite that covers online bookings, contract management, fleet management, telematics, reporting, and much more.

HQ Rental Software also integrates with >50 other software solutions offering lots of added value to the rental company.


Member - IBIS management Associates - SIMIA - Curaçao Tech Export Association

Founded in 2000, IBIS Management is a Curaçao born fintech company which has built its solid name in back-office payments automation for financial institutions. With its extensive understanding of operational excellence, straight through processing and mobile technology, IBIS Management today also serves Governments and Corporations with a variety of intelligent digital mobile solutions. IBIS’s client base ranges from over 60+ Banks, Insurance companies, Credit Unions, Cooperatives as well as, utility companies and governments located throughout the Greater Caribbean, Central and Latin America.


Member - Ictual - SIMIA - Curaçao Tech Export Association

We believe in delivering Enjoyable Digital Journeys. Through our digital solutions, we help companies and government entities connect with their customers and empower teams to collaborate productively to achieve organizational goals.

From automation, integration, and workforce management to sector-specific solutions for the financial, telecom, and government sector. Our expertise covers a wide range of solutions for many industries

Infotrans Caribbean N.V.

Member - Infotrans - SIMIA - Curaçao Tech Export Association

We Are In IT For Your Future and for more than 30 years, Infotrans Group is the trusted ICT partner in the Caribbean and South America, committed to enable customer excellence with ICT infrastructure solutions.

These solutions are dynamic and responsive to your business needs. When you put your organization’s IT needs and challenges in the hands of our experienced and certified professionals, we bring you results! We have the technology, the knowledge, the team and the financial stability to be your trusted ICT partner.

Gamma IT Solutions N.V.

Gamma IT Solutions is a leading provider of high-level software solutions and services for large and medium-sized enterprises as well as governments in the Caribbean. We understand that each client has unique requirements, and that is why we leverage the best available technologies to develop custom software solutions that consistently exceed client expectations.


Member - Minubia - SIMIA - Curaçao Tech Export Association

Minubia Software is a software company with offices in Curacao and The Netherlands that focuses on automating processes for sales reps and fieldworkers. Minubia Software serves European and Caribbean based Wholesale & Distribution companies like Coca Cola, Unilever, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Nivea, Frito Lay and Pedigree.

Our software is simple and enjoyable for our clients to use. Minubia Software makes inter- and intra-company collaboration easy for medium sized companies. Whether it concerns processing sales orders on the go, finishing a work order or outsourcing a task to a subcontractor, you can just send a task and follow how the job gets done.


Profound is a 360 digital innovation agency that helps companies become more successful in the digital world by offering a full spectrum of services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and design. We design and build digital experiences for maximum impact.


Sentoo is the first payment solution provider in the Dutch Caribbean to offer local online payments with local bank accounts. We believe people should have the option to use their local bank account to pay for local products and services online. This drives us to create modern payment solutions that are accessible to everyone. Our platform is built to eliminate existing hurdles – we help businesses to grow with low transaction fees, direct bank integration, and fast payments. Our easy-to-use payment solution helps improve people’s overall payment experience. Sentoo aims to be an industry leader in online payments on our island and far beyond – building on our mission to help grow our economy.

Twinfield Caribbean

Twinfield Caribbean was founded in 2010 in Curacao. We offer affordable innovation in secure automation & digitization of your finances. We combine high tech with a personal touch. The aim is to offer the guidance, support and systems needed to Digitize, Automate and Simplify the accounting process.

We do this with one central customizable financial platform with select partner applications that offer a direct connection. Due to the highly customizable platform and tools we are able to partner from small businesses to large companies (Penha/Centrum). From foundations (Uniek Curacao) to hotels & restaurants (Chogogo-Baoase). We also work closely together with a wide range of accounting firms.

Our solution creates connectivity to the max.