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Project Values

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To enable improved tax administration performance with software


Inland Revenue Department of Anguilla

Customer satisfaction


2020 – 2022 (first launch in mid 2021)


MTS is used by 22 government organizations to collect public revenues and taxpayers and their representatives value the online self-service features of the system.


The Inland Revenue Department of Anguilla is convinced that to obtain and maintain the positive recognition of the Anguillan society, they must act fair and equal and must collect the public revenue with maximum efficiency. In 2020 this conviction led to a major transformation to become a future-proof organization. Blyce was contracted to recommend ways to optimize all business processes and procedures and to implement the Multi Tax Solution (MTS) to digitalize the new way of working.

The system was configured according to Anguilla’s tax laws and implementation requirements and supports all business functions including registration, returns, payments, refunds, compliance monitoring, revenue accounting, collection, audits, appeals, taxpayer services, risk management, internal audit and statistics

The IRD now has access to data from important sources such as Customs, Treasury and Lands & Survey. The access to online services is not limited to taxes. A platform for citizens to manage their electronic identity was part of the project, as a gateway to other e-government services to be accessed through a single window.

Based on improved taxpayer compliance a considerable growth in tax revenues is expected in the coming years.


A complete and accurate registration of the taxpayer base

Workflow support to accelerate back-office work

Better detection of non-filers and missing payments

Issuing of trade licenses and management of yearly compliance

Complete audit trail for internal auditing

30+ management reports to enable informed decision-making