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Achievement - s.o. Blinkers - SIMIA - Curaçao Tech Export Association
about this project

Project Values

Executed by

s.o. Blinkers


Building a brand new dropshipping webshop


DUKE Interiors

Customer satisfaction


Feb 2021 – April 2021


Perfectly functional dropshipping webshop with API connection to supplier for daily product updates


The owners of DUKE interiors had decided to fulfill a long cherished of creating a fully automated dropshipping webshop.

s.o. Blinkers created a webshop based on woo-commerce, integrated the payfunnel of Mollie and build the API to establish a full data connection with the supply chain within Richmond Interiors (the supplier), this includes overnight imports for variables including shipping, stock etc. New products will automatically be imported into the shop.

The webshop has a fully custom design, which meets all the clients wishes. s.o. Blinkers build an easy to update overview of inspirations, based on the latest trends within the used seasonal collections of Richmond Interiors (the supplier).

DUKE interiors has expressed their full satisfaction of the endproduct and have requested to integrate a few extra features in the nearby future. Both s.o. Blinkers and DUKE interiors promised to build on this mutually esteemed relationship and are looking forward to future projects.


>1200 products

Integrated API within supply chain

Payment system incl. spread payments